An injection of vitamin B12 can improve your health in several ways. Vitamin B12 plays an important role in the production of red blood cells and can also help increase energy, metabolism, and neurological health. You’ll likely feel less fatigued and have sharper mental focus after receiving your shots. Getting a vitamin B12 injection in Altoona at 7Spa can be especially beneficial if you don’t get enough of the vitamin in your diet. Upgrade your overall wellness and vitamin levels with a noticeable energy increase with a Vitamin B12 shot. 





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Vitamin B12 is essential to the human body. Designed to provide your body with a natural boost, B12 injections help to strengthen your immune system and can help to regulate your sleep, appetite, and mood cycles.

Delivered intramuscularly, B12 injections bypass the digestive system for immediate results that leave you feeling revitalized and reenergized. Whether you want to enhance your athletic performance, want more energy to get you through the day, need to manage a B12 deficiency, or need a little boost for your metabolism, B12 injections may help!

Why vitamin B12 shots?

A problem is that your body doesn't produce Vitamin B12 but receives this essential nutrient from your food source. Many men and women take vitamin supplements but often in minimal dosage. Also, your body doesn't store Vitamin B12 for long. There are a variety of reasons why people are Vitamin B12 deficient, including diet, anemia, gastritis, heavy drinking, weight loss, and being on a vegan diet.

Are vitamin B12 shots safe?

In addition to getting needed Vitamin B12 from your food, you can acquire Vitamin B12 through a pharmaceutically made version of the nutrient, called cyanocobalamin. Vitamin B12 injections have high levels of cyanocobalamin and are safe and have no major side effects.*

*Results may vary. Consult with the staff at Seven to see if you are a candidate.


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