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Dr. Robert DeFatta has dedicated his entire 15-year career to the treatment of disorders and cosmetic concerns of the face, head and neck and his scope of practice includes revision of scars in any location from the neck up. When a scar is located in the scalp, it carries the added cosmetic concern of hair loss within the scar and can be challenging to address. Various types of scalp scars can result in this hair loss problem such as those from trauma, burns, facelift or brow lift surgery, and hair transplant donor site surgery. Dr. DeFatta may recommend improve the appearance of the scar by removing it, relocating/reorienting it, or disguising it to minimizing its prominence. He will tailor a treatment plan based on various factors including the scar’s size and location, associated hair loss pattern, your scarring potential and other medical and cosmetic considerations. Non-surgical solutions such as Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) can also be considered in some cases as a standalone procedure or in combination with surgery.

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